Why diabetes legs hurt when or while walking

“Diabetes…legs hurt when walking” Why does this happen? It is due to the poison amounts of blood sugar that affects the nerves and cells of the leg. High blood sugar is the most serious health condition affecting people today. The health industry has no real solution. Thousands had their legs removed last year due to punishing blood sugar. When diabetes legs hurt while walking it is a serious sign that damage is being done to the body.


According to Dr. Daily in Europe this problem with the leg that most people have is not uncommon. What most do not realize is that “every day the cells of the diabetic are slammed with punishing amounts of blood sugar” he stated.  This is a 24 hour battle for the diabetic. What Type 2 diabetes has done to the people in Europe, Asia and most of the United States is nothing short of amazing. There is no disease today that is doing what high blood sugar is doing. Your legs hurt when walking because they are telling you something; they are warning you of a very serious problem. This illness is not defeated with a simple sugar free diet.


Hundreds of studies have shown that a sugar free diet does not reverse or cure diabetes. This is what most people still do not understand. The problem is much more complex and needs a real solution. The true cause of the diabetes explosion goes way beyond sugar. This site does (will) expose the true causes of the diabetes epidemic and give the readers all the help they need to protect themselves. The picture of the women who fell out in the street last week was very telling. All she could do was whisper to people…”diabetes..legs hurt and then she could not stand up”   There is no other illness like this in the world affecting so many young and old. If your legs hurt when walking, this website is for you.


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