Diabetic legs hurt when walking

Why do my legs hurt when I walk? Diabetes often affects the leg and it is very serious warning. The reason why diabetics experience this pain is because of the way that the illness works, high blood sugar is an illness that does internal damage to the body. We will go more in to this later in this post. If you are diabetic and your legs hurt when walking do not ignore this. It is a warning sign that is trying to get your attention.


Internal Damage from diabetes


Diabetes does internal damage to the body, what this means to the person with high blood sugar is that damage is happening that you do not see. The cells and tissues of the body are deeply damaged when blood sugar is high. High glucose is often called the silent killer, this is because the damage that is happening is often hidden until it is too late to avoid complications. We can not see the internal damage but it is happening. This is why diabetic legs hurt when walking, it is is due to the damaging affects of the high blood sugar. On this site we want to emphasis the importance of time, it is time that can cost you your legs. Do not wait with this illness, it does not take time off.


High blood sugar is not something that you want in you body for long periods of time because of the internal damages that cost people the feet,kidney and liver. If you do have pain when you walk, it can lead to very serious circulation problems. It can cost you the use of the leg. These are the many problems that diabetes causes. The good news is that you can do something to help yourself and save the legs. In Berlin Germany a diet that helped cure painful diabetic feet also helped save diabetic legs. It has helped thousands walk pain free. If your diabetic legs hurt when walking

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diabetes hand pain



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