Diabetes numb legs: The very serious warning sign

Diabetes numb legs or numbness in only one leg can be a sign of nerve damage. It is important to understand that the pain and heavy feeling is a very serious warning of damage to the cells of the body. Diabetic high blood sugar is a condition that is growing. Do not be one of the many losing the battle. Diabetes numb legs can lead to the lost of the leg if you are not careful to quickly address the problem.


The worldwide health organization has just stated that the diabetic high blood sugar crisis is growing and has become and epidemic in many countries. In the United States the situation is not getting any better. In fact, it is getting worst. In the South there has been an explosion of new diabetic blood sugar cases. It was states by the CDC that 40 out of the 50 states has seen their High glucose cases double in only 10 years.  These are astonishing numbers of people. What this means is a lot of  pain. Diabetes numb legs is one of the sign that you are not winning against the illness.


The most important issue with this illness is time. It is critical to do something about removing the poison high level of blood sugar that is roaming in the body. The damage can cost you the use of your leg. The many people who have had to have their leg removed due to poison high blood sugar levels could have saved the body part had they acted fast enough. This is the same situation with the feet. The same diabetic nerve damage that ruins the feet is also taking the leg. Diabetes numb legs is a very serious condition that must be addressed. Save your body. Read this site daily.

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