I have Pre diabetes and my legs pain what should I do?

Having pre diabetes and leg pain is a very special type of warning for the body. This is because the most important issue with high blood sugar is time. Blood sugar secretly attacks the cells of the body and causes deep complications. It is not uncommon for the person with high blood sugar experience damage to the feet and leg. Pre diabetes and pain in the legs signals that time is running out on you.

The importance of time with the illness

Diabetes is often called the silent killer and this is because it daily wrecks havoc on the cells of the body. Often the person with a high glucose does not realize that the poison high levels of glucose are destroying the cells of their body. There are no organs of the body that are not punished by a high blood sugar level. Diabetes is a particularly damaging. This site was set up to help people save their leg. There are many who have had to have a leg amputated don’t let this happen to you. Pre diabetes legs pain is a sign of nerve damage in the limb which can lead to ulcers and even worst.

The good news and the warning

The good news is that there is still time if you are pre diabetic. The warning is that the damage is starting in the body. Do not let this condition take over the body. The most important thing is a healing diet. This is not the same thing as a sugar free diet. A sugar free diet does not heal the body or reverse diabetes. A diet that reverses the damage from the high glucose can save the body. Pre diabetes leg pain is a sign of coming troubles. See here my feet hurt from diabetes

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