Diabetes leg pain and your heart

hearttattackAccording to researchers The heart is directly effected by diabetes. Those with this illness should understand that  the legs play a big roll when living with high blood sugar.  Blood sugar does major damage to the legs and when the high glucose is out of a normal range your body suffers. Researchers have shown diabetes leg pain can also signify heart troubles. An unknown side effect of high glucose is damage to the organs of the body.

Latest news reveals a 48% increase in heart attacks with diabetes

The information was released this week from the NHS in Europe

High Glucose increases the risk of heart attack by nearly 50% and this is a statistic that should mean a lot to you if you have diabetes. What we are seeing is that diabetes affects every organ of the body. It is critical that you understand that this is a deadly illness. We emphasis the danger of blood sugar on this  site because too many people have allowed this illness to ruin their bodies. The heart is deeply effected by diabetes as are the legs.

As the heart goes so does the legs

The heart pumps blood down to the legs and the legs support the circulation back to the heart but in diabetic people we have a problem. The cause of heart attacks from having high blood sugar is due to the damage that blood sugar does to the lining of the arteries. High blood sugar stops the blood vessels to the heart from expanding and  this can lead to heart damage. Diabetic leg pain is a sign that this may already have started in your heart muscle. The aim of this site is to get you to get rid of diabetes drug free.

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Diabetes without medication

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