I am diabetic and my leg hurts

If your leg hurts with diabetes it is important to understand that diabetic neuropathy is the cause. Legs with pain or hurt are due to the damage that high glucose does to the nerves of the body. The feet and lower limbs are greatly affected by high blood sugar. leg painIt is extremely important that you reverse this. “I am diabetic and my leg hurts” was what one man from Michigan was saying last year but he ignored the warning. This was reported on 5 major news outlets.


The story became news in the small town because the man had a dog that was trying to alert him to his health problem. Many dogs can smell the disease in the legs and feet. This is because the internal damage from high blood sugar is very strong. This is the reason (as this man) many lose a limb. The man ignored the deep pains and lived with the pain and numbness for years. This is the number one diabetes legs site on the internet; we became so in less than 2 months due to our warning to the diabetics. If you are diabetic and your leg hurts do not ignore this warning sign


High glucose is and must be understood to be a poison to your body, living with this is unacceptable. Unfortunately this is what so many do; many feel that the illness will just go away. Diabetes does not just go away, it must be aggressively attack back with diet not drugs. If you have high blood sugar do not let this excess glucose sit in your bloodstream one more day.


The illness can be reversed with the right diet.


See here what not to eat what type 2 diabetics should not eat

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