More Diabetes means more leg trouble

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Leg Pain is a sign to take action

As more people contract diabetes more will suffer leg trouble. With as much as 10 % in the United States with high blood sugar the numbers of people with lower limb problems has gone up . There are already an increase in diabetic legs being amputated over the last 10 years. This is one of the sad complications that is accompanying the rise in the illness. It is clear that more diabetes means more leg trouble. It is of importance to care for the legs before losing them to the illness.


The doubling of diabetic leg troubles


The rate of diabetic leg amputations has doubled over the last 10 years according to research from the Center of Disease control. High Blood sugar plays havoc on the limbs of the body. When high glucose remains in the bloodstream it damages the circulation and nerves in the legs, this can start the process of losing the legs to the illness. This condition is affecting more people as the diabetic crisis continues to grow. The pain in the legs are the first signs of nerve damage. It is the simple truth that more diabetes will mean more leg trouble


The sad truth is that the majority of people who have lost a limb to the illness did not have to. Over 85% of amputations could have been avoid had people listened to the body. Pain is your best warning sign today. If you are experiencing this there is still time to do something about it. Why allow the illness to invade your bloodstream? The diet is the key, as you reverse the disease you will save your legs. More diabetes means more leg trouble but you can do something about it. Do not be one of the many who had a limb removed due to high glucose living in the bloodstream.

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