My feet hurt do I have diabetes? Here what you need to know

My feet hurt do I have Diabetes?

My feet hurt do I have Diabetes?

My feet hurt do I have diabetes? Many people are asking themselves this question and with very good reason. We have a blood sugar crisis in the United States and in much of the world. This is not a small thing, it is a major crisis that has caused millions of people to lose their lives. High blood sugar shortens the lifespan. If you are are asking “ My my hurt do I have diabetes?” It is a great question because reversing this quickly is what you will want to do.

The crisis continues to grow

As we come to the end of another year the numbers of people who became diabetic increased. We are seeing no stopping of the illness. Young children are now regularly coming down with the adult form of diabetic high blood sugar. Here are the consequences, more blindness and more foot amputations, more people are having to have the foot removed due to the damaging affects of blood glucose. Time is the most important issue with this illness, reversing the blood sugar quickly is imperative to saving the body.

My feet hurt do I have diabetes?

Why does high blood sugar effect the foot in such a horrible way? High glucose is a poison to the cells of the body, the longer this poison is allowed to stay in the bloodstream the more damage that occurs to the nerves and cells. This is why the foot starts to hurt, it is your warning sign that there is a major problem beginning. Over 80% of people who lost a foot to this illness could have saved the foot had they done something about it quickly. If you are also asking like one of our many readers “My feet hurt do I have diabetes?” It is important to protect yourself and get the excess poison levels of blood sugar out of the bloodstream. Stay well, don’t wait to reverse the poison high glucose.

Have a great day

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