High blood sugar legs swelling what does it all mean?

Swelling Legs from diabetes is a very serious problem

Swelling Legs from diabetes is a very serious problem

If you have high blood sugar diabetes and your legs are swelling it is a sign of circulation damage in the body. Glucose or blood sugar is a danger to the body when levels are high, it is important to learn all you can about what is happening in your body so as to safe your limb from this very serious illness. Having diabetes with legs swelling is a warning to you that time may be running out on the leg. The end result can be the removal of the leg(amputation) unless you do something about the condition.

As high glucose continues to be a problem in the world we are witnessing the effects of the glucose on the circulation and it is very scary, as an example, the rise in diabetic high blood glucose has increased the numbers of people losing their eyesight to the illness. The glucose invades the small vessels of the eyes and causes the deterioration of the vision. There is not an organ in the body that is not effected by elevated sugar levels. Living with this elevated level of glucose shortens the life and wrecks the organs. This site has alerted thousands to the damaging effects of glucose on the leg. High blood sugar legs swelling is extremely dangerous.

Diabetic Edema

When legs swell the medical term is “Edema” blood sugar complications can also signal heart trouble related to edema, diabetic medication can also cause heart complications and edema.

The lower limbs of the body are deeply effected by high blood glucose, this is what cost so many people to lose a leg. In a healthy person insulin guides glucose into the cells of the body, this give you healthy energy but this is not the case in the person with high blood sugar. The cells of the body do not accept the glucose and the glucose floods the bloodstream. This flood of glucose in the bloodstream is what causes diabetic complications. As the glucose is allowed to take over the circulation the cells of the body die off. If the leg starts to swell it can mean the nerves and circulation have been effected, this is what leads to painful walking.

What does Diabetes leg swelling mean? Possibly the loss of the leg

What does Diabetes leg swelling mean? Possibly the loss of the leg

Swelling in legs from high blood sugar is a warning of serious nerve damage or heart complications and this can lead to loss of the leg.  Over 80% of people who lost a limb could have saved it had they addressed the problem immediately, This was revealed by Dr.Chavez in Argentina

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