High blood sugar legs and pain

The legs take a heavy beating from high blood sugar...most do nothing about this

The legs take a heavy beating from high blood sugar…most do nothing about this

High blood sugar can do very bad things to the legs, the leg pain that is often felt is and should be a constant reminder of the damage that is going inside the body. As dangerous as the illness of diabetes is it can be reversed when treated in time and correctly Always remember that high glucose is a poison that daily effects the cells of the body. High blood sugar pain in legs is your message and call to act to remove this poison from your system.


What have we done? Children living with an adult disease


Children are coming down with the adult form of diabetes in record numbers, this is something that was unheard of just 40 years ago. Something has gone terribly wrong. Type 2 diabetes is also know as adult on-set diabetes. This is because there was a time when this illness was something that only affected people who were fully grown adults. This is not the case today, what we have are children who are contracting the adult form of the illness.(Type 2) We must count the cost of this illness and its affects on our children. Why should anyone adult or child have to suffer the lost of a leg to type 2 diabetic glucose. High blood sugar legs that pain are signals of damage.


Sadly, as a society we have done a great injustice to the millions of children who must live with this illness. Type 1 diabetes has always been known as the children’s diabetes that was inherited genetically. But we are speaking here of Type 2 in children which is simply discouraging. The foods and artificial sweeteners have created a disaster that may never be fully understood. If you have this illness of type 2 diabetes it must be reversed to protect the organs and limbs of your body. High blood sugar legs pain is not normal and should not be allowed to continue.

* A European diet was shown to reverse the problems of High blood sugar problems*

You may see here  type 2 diabetes diet


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