Kidney problems and high blood sugar

Kidney troubles are a sign of early death in diabetes

Kidney troubles are a sign of early death in diabetes

Researchers at University of Washington have confirmed that high blood sugar kidney problems are directly related to early death from diabetes. In fact, the kidneys are a direct indication of how much the high glucose has effected the all the organs of the body. With over 300 million people worldwide suffering for diabetic high blood sugar kidney problems have increased over 300% in the last 30 years. The effects of chronic high glucose on the cells are terrifying and can lead to early death.


How the Kidneys effect the other organs


Kidney damage can lead to heart problems, all the organs of the body are damaged by runaway glucose but the kidneys seem to be a good indicator of how well the other organs are doing. Researcher at the University of Washington showed that early death from diabetes starts in the kidney.


“People with type 2 diabetes have many other risk factors for cardiovascular disease and mortality, so we expected that kidney disease would predict a part, but not a majority, of higher mortality associated with type 2 diabetes. To our surprise, we found that even in the medically complex patients with type 2 diabetes, kidney disease is a very powerful predictor of premature death,” said lead author Maryam Afkarian, MD, PhD from the University of Washington.


We do not think much about this organ until there is a problem but the functions of the kidneys are enormous. Every single fluid that you drink must have the waste separated from it and this is the job of the kidney, it filters out waste and produces the urine that is eliminated from the body. Think of them as a filter system that removes tons of fluid waste. High blood sugar can cause kidney problems and this can be very dangerous, it is imperative to reverse this quickly. There is not a cell in the body that is not effected by high blood glucose and the damage accumulates daily.


Leg problems are a sign of circulation damage and this is also related to your organs. The heart is often suffering deep damage when there is a leg circulation problem, this can also signal a stroke or heart attack. The organs of the body under go great damage when blood glucose remains high, we can see that the kidney which does so much in the body cannot handle the constant flood of glucose. High blood sugar leading to kidney problems are a sign of early death. Please take this illness very seriously.

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