Legs ache from high blood sugar? What not to drink

Diet Soda can make diabetes worst

Diet Soda can make diabetes worst

When legs hurt from high blood sugar it is a sign of damage to the nerves, the circulation is being effected by the damaging effects of the glucose. Glucose is a friend of the cells until there is too much in the bloodstream. When these poison high levels of glucose allowed to live the body it causes nerve damage, this is what causes the pain and ache in the legs from high blood sugar. Diabetes is the most damaging illness in the world today, it rips the organs of the body and harms the circulation.


Diet soda is a poison, it is a chemical creation that does deep damage to the tissues of the body, the main culprit in diet soda is a chemical called aspartame. Aspartame is a very dangerous substance created in a laboratory. It is extremely addictive and almost 200 times sweeter than sugar. It comes with no calories and this is why it became popular, the problem is the sweetener can cause cells to turn cancerous. The FDA is well aware of this but have taken a wait and see approach. Aspartame causes high blood sugar and legs that ache from diabetes are made worst with aspartame.


Why does the FDA allow this substance


The Food and Drug administration takes a very dangerous stance when it comes to food chemicals and pharmaceutical drugs, they leave the safety testing to the drug makers. The FDA reviews the safest test and will disallow a drug if it is found to be unsafe. The problem is the FDA allows very dubious drugs which make billions in profit but may harm you. Despite studies showing that aspartame is dangerous the FDA’s stance has been that there is not enough aspartame in most foods to harm people. They admit the danger and they are play a critical game with you health. This is horrible and dangerous, it is up to you to reverse diabetes and protect your health. Do not rely on the FDA to protect you, leg ache from high blood sugar is your warning sign, don’t ignore it

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