Diabetes swelling in the knee


Knee Pain Diabetes

Knee Pain Diabetes

Diabetes swelling in the knee and leg is on the increase, with the rise in new high blood sugar cases there is a growing problem of complications from the illness. Diabetes effects over 25 million in the United States and the latest figures from the Center for Disease Control states that the situation is getting worst, one of the more serious complications is diabetes knee swelling.


The tissue around the knees are very sensitive to high blood sugar, when the knees swell there is damage being done to the nerves and blood vessels, this can lead to circulation problems in the legs. Difficulty walking is a sign that the blood sugar is effecting the delicate tissues. High glucose is a poison in the body, living with diabetic high blood sugar is extremely dangerous can cause the loss of a body part. The numbers of people who have had a lower limb removed has increased 200% over the last 10 years. Diabetes swelling in the knee is your warning sign to remove the excess glucose or lose the leg.


The appropriate diet is the only way to save the limbs, diabetic medications can help but come with very serious side effects such as heart disease and stroke. 2 of the major diabetic medications where recently slapped by the Food and Drug Administration. The drug Avandia was removed for causing deaths and the best seller Actos has recently been causes spontaneous outbreaks of bladder cancer, it is best to treat the illness without drugs if possible.


There is some good news, there is a specialized Europe diet for diabetic leg problems and knee swelling, it has been reversing the illness in many people see here  diabetes legs pain walking


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