Sugar diabetes and your leg pain

sugarrDid eating sugar cause your diabetes leg pain? There are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to high blood sugar, as a result many people are blaming soft drinks as the cause of the diabetic and obesity crisis. This kind of misinformation does nothing but harm to a person who is seeking to reverse this illness. Eating sugar does not cause diabetes, if you have leg pains, aches, swelling, discoloration(purple or blue) from high glucose it is a very important warning that the limb is in danger,listen to the very serious warning.

Glucose is powerful and pain is a warning

Glucose is needed in the body but in excess it is a powerful force that can cost you the use of your legs. Those who do not treat the illness face the possibility of having the legs cut off. Amputations are on the rise and the diabetic crisis is largely responsible for this situation. Excess glucose causes cells to become insulin resistant, when cells are resistant to insulin it means big trouble. Insulin resistance cells die because insulin cannot remove the excess glucose. This is the situation that millions of people now find themselves in. If you are living with high blood sugar (diabetes)and have legs that ache,pain or are turning blue(purple) it is a very serious warning of circulation damage. Many will unnecessarily lose the leg.

Did sugar do this to me?

Did sugar do this to you? Recently there has been a very strong campaign against sugar, sugar is being blamed for the obesity crisis as well as the diabetic epidemic. The plain truth is that when white sugar is used moderately it is the safest and longest used sweetener in history. If you are diabetic it means that your cells are now insulin resistant (which you need to take out the glucose). Many factors can contribute to this problem but the most important thing to remember is that you can lose your leg. Amputation is when the damages from glucose have gone on so long that the leg (Circulation) dies. What is important to remember is that over 80% of people who had legs removed could have saved the limb had they removed the glucose quickly. Time is not on your side if you have pain.

Over 5,000 people have saved the leg and stopped the pain with a specialized diet created in Europe and now used in 10 countries See here Diabetes leg pain

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