Diabetes leg swelling: Why the problem continues

leg edemaDiabetes leg swelling is a very serious condition that should not be ignored, it signals serious complications in relations to the high blood sugar. With the rise of the diabetic crisis in the United States and many parts of Europe we are seeing an increase in complications from the illness, this disease is very punishing on the organs and the limbs of the body. If you are wondering why you have diabetes leg swelling it is important to understand what is happening in the body.

The damaging effects of leveled blood sugar

Blood sugar must be understood to be a poison in the bloodstream when levels are high, the daily pounding of the glucose in the bloodstream causes damage to the cells of the body, when there are swollen body parts it usually signals that the heart is being effected, high glucose is punishing on the heart muscle, those with high blood sugar are 200% more likely to suffer a heart attack than a person with a normal blood sugar level. Diabetes leg swelling is called Edema, it literally means swollen, this means that water is being retain in the limb and is choking circulation. It almost always signals that the heart is not functioning correctly.

Is it the medications or the high glucose?

Diabetic medications have been doing some very horrible things to he heart, Actos and Avandia two diabetic medications actually caused heart attacks and deaths(from Avandia). One of the drugs side effects were swollen legs, regardless of the medications or glucose causing the edema it is critical to reverse the problem naturally and quickly to save the legs

Losing the Legs

The number one cause of losing the legs are due to circulation problems, the glucose in the bloodstream chokes the circulation off and the body part dies.

Approximately 5-6,000 major limb amputations are carried out in the UK every year.

The most common reason for amputation is a loss of blood supply to the affected limb

A European diet specially designed for swollen legs has been reversing this condition in diabetics naturally and saving the legs in over 10 countries

See here   diabetes legs swelling

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