Diabetes swollen leg problems increasing

Photo of Diabetes Swollen Leg

Photo of Diabetes Swollen Leg

Those who suffer from diabetes often experience a swollen leg from high blood sugar, it is one of the signs of deeper health complications related to the illness, each year large numbers of diabetics are faced with the prospect of losing the limb to the illness. Time is not the friend of the diabetic as internal damage from high glucose spreads in the bloodstream effecting the organs . If you have diabetes and a swollen leg from the high blood sugar it is a sign of nerve and circulation damage, this can lead to amputation.

The importance of addressing the condition quickly was highlighted by doctors Roger E. Pecoraro, MD; and Thomas D. Koepsell, MD in the Annals of Internal Medicine, they highlighted the dynamics of transcutaneous oxygen tension and peripheral vascular disease in the diabetic, the conclude that the lack of oxygen from the flood of glucose damages the nerves and circulation, the loss of the limb is due to the complications effecting circulation. The swelling can mean that the heart is also being effected by the high blood sugar, diabetic have the same risk of heart attacks as a person who has already had a heart attack. Diabetes swollen leg complications must be taken extremely serious as the limbs and organs are effected.

The risk to the heart

When the legs are swelling it is a sign that that the heart has been effected, the medical name for the swelling is Edema (which literally means to swell), excessive glucose in the bloodstream can cause edema in the legs which may signal the beginnings of diabetic heart failure. It should be noted that diabetic medications can also damage the circulation and causes edema. If you have diabetes and a swollen leg is it is a sign of circulation problems from high blood sugar or diabetic medications, either way it is a very dangerous sign that the limb is in trouble.

There is some good news, there is a diet that has been reversing diabetic legs problems, the swelling is reversed, it is a specialized diabetic legs diet that is used in Europe, it is now used in 10 countries See here diabetes leg swollen

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