Kidney problems and high blood sugar

Kidney troubles are a sign of early death in diabetes

Kidney troubles are a sign of early death in diabetes

Researchers at University of Washington have confirmed that high blood sugar kidney problems are directly related to early death from diabetes. In fact, the kidneys are a direct indication of how much the high glucose has effected the all the organs of the body. With over 300 million people worldwide suffering for diabetic high blood sugar kidney problems have increased over 300% in the last 30 years. The effects of chronic high glucose on the cells are terrifying and can lead to early death.


How the Kidneys effect the other organs


Kidney damage can lead to heart problems, all the organs of the body are damaged by runaway glucose but the kidneys seem to be a good indicator of how well the other organs are doing. Researcher at the University of Washington showed that early death from diabetes starts in the kidney.


“People with type 2 diabetes have many other risk factors for cardiovascular disease and mortality, so we expected that kidney disease would predict a part, but not a majority, of higher mortality associated with type 2 diabetes. To our surprise, we found that even in the medically complex patients with type 2 diabetes, kidney disease is a very powerful predictor of premature death,” said lead author Maryam Afkarian, MD, PhD from the University of Washington.


We do not think much about this organ until there is a problem but the functions of the kidneys are enormous. Every single fluid that you drink must have the waste separated from it and this is the job of the kidney, it filters out waste and produces the urine that is eliminated from the body. Think of them as a filter system that removes tons of fluid waste. High blood sugar can cause kidney problems and this can be very dangerous, it is imperative to reverse this quickly. There is not a cell in the body that is not effected by high blood glucose and the damage accumulates daily.


Leg problems are a sign of circulation damage and this is also related to your organs. The heart is often suffering deep damage when there is a leg circulation problem, this can also signal a stroke or heart attack. The organs of the body under go great damage when blood glucose remains high, we can see that the kidney which does so much in the body cannot handle the constant flood of glucose. High blood sugar leading to kidney problems are a sign of early death. Please take this illness very seriously.

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High blood sugar legs and pain

The legs take a heavy beating from high blood sugar...most do nothing about this

The legs take a heavy beating from high blood sugar…most do nothing about this

High blood sugar can do very bad things to the legs, the leg pain that is often felt is and should be a constant reminder of the damage that is going inside the body. As dangerous as the illness of diabetes is it can be reversed when treated in time and correctly Always remember that high glucose is a poison that daily effects the cells of the body. High blood sugar pain in legs is your message and call to act to remove this poison from your system.


What have we done? Children living with an adult disease


Children are coming down with the adult form of diabetes in record numbers, this is something that was unheard of just 40 years ago. Something has gone terribly wrong. Type 2 diabetes is also know as adult on-set diabetes. This is because there was a time when this illness was something that only affected people who were fully grown adults. This is not the case today, what we have are children who are contracting the adult form of the illness.(Type 2) We must count the cost of this illness and its affects on our children. Why should anyone adult or child have to suffer the lost of a leg to type 2 diabetic glucose. High blood sugar legs that pain are signals of damage.


Sadly, as a society we have done a great injustice to the millions of children who must live with this illness. Type 1 diabetes has always been known as the children’s diabetes that was inherited genetically. But we are speaking here of Type 2 in children which is simply discouraging. The foods and artificial sweeteners have created a disaster that may never be fully understood. If you have this illness of type 2 diabetes it must be reversed to protect the organs and limbs of your body. High blood sugar legs pain is not normal and should not be allowed to continue.

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High blood sugar legs swelling what does it all mean?

Swelling Legs from diabetes is a very serious problem

Swelling Legs from diabetes is a very serious problem

If you have high blood sugar diabetes and your legs are swelling it is a sign of circulation damage in the body. Glucose or blood sugar is a danger to the body when levels are high, it is important to learn all you can about what is happening in your body so as to safe your limb from this very serious illness. Having diabetes with legs swelling is a warning to you that time may be running out on the leg. The end result can be the removal of the leg(amputation) unless you do something about the condition.

As high glucose continues to be a problem in the world we are witnessing the effects of the glucose on the circulation and it is very scary, as an example, the rise in diabetic high blood glucose has increased the numbers of people losing their eyesight to the illness. The glucose invades the small vessels of the eyes and causes the deterioration of the vision. There is not an organ in the body that is not effected by elevated sugar levels. Living with this elevated level of glucose shortens the life and wrecks the organs. This site has alerted thousands to the damaging effects of glucose on the leg. High blood sugar legs swelling is extremely dangerous.

Diabetic Edema

When legs swell the medical term is “Edema” blood sugar complications can also signal heart trouble related to edema, diabetic medication can also cause heart complications and edema.

The lower limbs of the body are deeply effected by high blood glucose, this is what cost so many people to lose a leg. In a healthy person insulin guides glucose into the cells of the body, this give you healthy energy but this is not the case in the person with high blood sugar. The cells of the body do not accept the glucose and the glucose floods the bloodstream. This flood of glucose in the bloodstream is what causes diabetic complications. As the glucose is allowed to take over the circulation the cells of the body die off. If the leg starts to swell it can mean the nerves and circulation have been effected, this is what leads to painful walking.

What does Diabetes leg swelling mean? Possibly the loss of the leg

What does Diabetes leg swelling mean? Possibly the loss of the leg

Swelling in legs from high blood sugar is a warning of serious nerve damage or heart complications and this can lead to loss of the leg.  Over 80% of people who lost a limb could have saved it had they addressed the problem immediately, This was revealed by Dr.Chavez in Argentina

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Tired Legs, why your heart may be suffering

Tired Legs are your sign to do something about a coming heart attack

Tired Legs are your sign to do something about a coming heart attack

Tired legs are a sign of serious health problems, it can be related to diabetes or heart failure, it is critical to address this problem. There has been a dramatic increase in the numbers of people suffering from heavy leg problems, this is due to an increase in serious illnesses such as heart disease and diabetes, Tired or heavy legs should not be ignored as they are a sign of very serious health problems. Do not ignore this warning. Did you know that P.A.D Peripheral artery disease causes stroke and heart failure silently? Do not live with blocked arteries in the lower limbs

The number one heart attack signal

The number one heart attack warning are heaviness in the leg not chest pain. Although most are more familiar with chest aches as a sign of heart failure it is actually the leg that tells more about the condition of the heart. Do you have difficulty going up and down stairs? Are you out of breath when you climb a flight of steps? Is the leg difficult to lift? If you answered yes, these are signs of very serious health problems. Tired legs are directly related to heart failure. The number one clue to a coming heart attack is very heavy and weak lower limbs (the leg)

Most people are not aware that as the leg goes so does the heart. The leg is responsible for much of our circulation and helps to circulate the blood. Clogged arteries in the leg are the same as in the heart. As the blood vessels narrow we experience heavy legs that seem to weight a ton. The heaviness is due to the narrowing of the arteries and this can cause a heart attack, it is your wake up call. Never ignore tired legs it is a sign of very serious health problems.    Have a great Day

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My feet hurt do I have diabetes? Here what you need to know

My feet hurt do I have Diabetes?

My feet hurt do I have Diabetes?

My feet hurt do I have diabetes? Many people are asking themselves this question and with very good reason. We have a blood sugar crisis in the United States and in much of the world. This is not a small thing, it is a major crisis that has caused millions of people to lose their lives. High blood sugar shortens the lifespan. If you are are asking “ My my hurt do I have diabetes?” It is a great question because reversing this quickly is what you will want to do.

The crisis continues to grow

As we come to the end of another year the numbers of people who became diabetic increased. We are seeing no stopping of the illness. Young children are now regularly coming down with the adult form of diabetic high blood sugar. Here are the consequences, more blindness and more foot amputations, more people are having to have the foot removed due to the damaging affects of blood glucose. Time is the most important issue with this illness, reversing the blood sugar quickly is imperative to saving the body.

My feet hurt do I have diabetes?

Why does high blood sugar effect the foot in such a horrible way? High glucose is a poison to the cells of the body, the longer this poison is allowed to stay in the bloodstream the more damage that occurs to the nerves and cells. This is why the foot starts to hurt, it is your warning sign that there is a major problem beginning. Over 80% of people who lost a foot to this illness could have saved the foot had they done something about it quickly. If you are also asking like one of our many readers “My feet hurt do I have diabetes?” It is important to protect yourself and get the excess poison levels of blood sugar out of the bloodstream. Stay well, don’t wait to reverse the poison high glucose.

Have a great day

Read more on how they stopped the foot pain in Europe  Here My feet hurt diabetes

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More Diabetes means more leg trouble

leg oaindd

Leg Pain is a sign to take action

As more people contract diabetes more will suffer leg trouble. With as much as 10 % in the United States with high blood sugar the numbers of people with lower limb problems has gone up . There are already an increase in diabetic legs being amputated over the last 10 years. This is one of the sad complications that is accompanying the rise in the illness. It is clear that more diabetes means more leg trouble. It is of importance to care for the legs before losing them to the illness.


The doubling of diabetic leg troubles


The rate of diabetic leg amputations has doubled over the last 10 years according to research from the Center of Disease control. High Blood sugar plays havoc on the limbs of the body. When high glucose remains in the bloodstream it damages the circulation and nerves in the legs, this can start the process of losing the legs to the illness. This condition is affecting more people as the diabetic crisis continues to grow. The pain in the legs are the first signs of nerve damage. It is the simple truth that more diabetes will mean more leg trouble


The sad truth is that the majority of people who have lost a limb to the illness did not have to. Over 85% of amputations could have been avoid had people listened to the body. Pain is your best warning sign today. If you are experiencing this there is still time to do something about it. Why allow the illness to invade your bloodstream? The diet is the key, as you reverse the disease you will save your legs. More diabetes means more leg trouble but you can do something about it. Do not be one of the many who had a limb removed due to high glucose living in the bloodstream.

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I am diabetic and my leg hurts

If your leg hurts with diabetes it is important to understand that diabetic neuropathy is the cause. Legs with pain or hurt are due to the damage that high glucose does to the nerves of the body. The feet and lower limbs are greatly affected by high blood sugar. leg painIt is extremely important that you reverse this. “I am diabetic and my leg hurts” was what one man from Michigan was saying last year but he ignored the warning. This was reported on 5 major news outlets.


The story became news in the small town because the man had a dog that was trying to alert him to his health problem. Many dogs can smell the disease in the legs and feet. This is because the internal damage from high blood sugar is very strong. This is the reason (as this man) many lose a limb. The man ignored the deep pains and lived with the pain and numbness for years. This is the number one diabetes legs site on the internet; we became so in less than 2 months due to our warning to the diabetics. If you are diabetic and your leg hurts do not ignore this warning sign


High glucose is and must be understood to be a poison to your body, living with this is unacceptable. Unfortunately this is what so many do; many feel that the illness will just go away. Diabetes does not just go away, it must be aggressively attack back with diet not drugs. If you have high blood sugar do not let this excess glucose sit in your bloodstream one more day.


The illness can be reversed with the right diet.


See here what not to eat what type 2 diabetics should not eat

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